Would like to let you know about: 

Low cost holistic health consultations with a final year Naturopathy student

That would be me (or one of my classmates) :-)

In our final months of 3 year degree run by Wellpark college in Grey Lynn, Auckland and offering a few full naturopathic consultation/assessment/wellness plan and follow up (total 2.5 hours of clinic time) for 30 dollars (which the college takes :-)

Let me know if you'd like to chat more or book an appointment..

And yes, we can cover ANY nutritional and health queries...  I am a nurse, and have been studying and working in natural and orthodox health in Russia, Canada, Scotland and New Zealand... we are bound to find an angle that would resonate with you the most... including playing with Rongoa plants :-)

Very best wishes


herbsandwonders@gmail.com also  on facebook - Herbs and Wonders 


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Hey. Do you have an alternative angle on immunisation?

Hi Meg,
The short answer to your question is "of course". The longer answer might need to be in the context of your enquiry. But in general - it is a very controversial issue which creates intensely expressed opinions in most stake holders.. And if you mean children's immunisation - even more so... If you like most of us are still somehow within conventional medical model by using hospitals, general practitioners etc and are opposed to standard immunisation having as much researched information might help to argue your point of view. "Just a little prick" and its sequel are very well reviewed books. Good luck :-)


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