I have a couple of dozen BBP stones. They grow true from seed and fruit within 3 years (apparently). PM your address if you're interested. Photos of the fruit on my page.


Aug 30 2011. No more BBP stones left but should have more in March 2012. Send me a friend request and PM your address to me if you'd like me to send you some next year :)

2013 season over, last of the BBP stones I had went to the Tokoroa Community garden:)

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     I wonder if you might still have some blackboy peach stones availble and if you might be willing to send them to Canada. I live on one of the gulf islands of Canada's west coast and I do believe that we have the climate in that the blackboy would grow well. This peach is impossible to find here and I would love to grow some for myself and my friends.   Gordon

hello Karleen

I have just today posted all my remaining seeds to Gordon :( 

However, I have planted some myself and if they take, am happy to send you one of the seedlings but they can take a while to germinate (I may not know for another few months). Apparently, it's also possible to grow from cuttings and I have several in my back yard that went in in autumn.

Either way, I should be able to oblige :) They're back in season in March and will make sure that I keep lots of stones.

Have sent you a friend request so you can send me a private message with your address details.

Hello Dena

Megan here. I'm happy to send some BBP stones to you when the fruit are back in season March 2012. Just send another message to remind me.

Meanwhile, you might wish to remove your address details to maintain your privacy - it is safer to send your address details via a private message (PM).  Invite the person you want to give your details to as a friend and you can send them a PM


Thank you sooo much!  Im new at  being a part of a forum, still working on how to get around and how it all works.  If it works for you, I could send you a self addressed, postage paid envelope.  Im really excited about receiving some stone, as many as you could spare.

I know that this type of peach grows here in the U.S.   My family had one  when I was growing up and I have yet to see another. 



Don't worry Dena, if you can just wait until the peaches are back in season, I'll post the stones to you then. 

Meanwhile, do take time to explore this site, there is lots to learn if you enjoy gardening and growing food crops. We have some really interesting and knowledgeable members including several from the US.

You can delete your message above with your address details by clicking on the x in the top right hand corner of the box. You might also want to remove your address from your profile page - your decision whether you wish to do so.

I've noted your address down but do remind me in March! :)


Would it be possible to have some bb peach stones too please... I will happily cover postage. 

Many thanks...Nat


hello Nat, the last of the black boy peach stones I had went to Gordon but I can send you a couple of seedlings from the ones I planted. They should arrive ok so long as you plant them promptly, I sent some germinated kernels to Karleen & Kali a while back which survived their trip in the post; mine have now got a stem & leaves and both K's were doing well in their last progress reports :) Have sent you a friend request and when you accept it, you'll be able to send me a private message with your address details. Worst case scenario if they don't survive the post is that you'll have to wait until I can send you some fresh stones in March (if I am given any more fruit ;)) They are very very hardy and were planted in a pot of garden soil that was left in the open garden & survived numerous frosts and being covered in snow so don't fuss over them, I just water them & give them a bit of worm wee and/or diluted bokashi liquid from time to time.
have put a couple of bbp seedlings in today's post, don't worry about postage, will keep an eye on your page and if I see any seeds/plants that I fancy, will ask if you have any spare to share:)
thank so much!  I appreciate it :-)

received them today...thanks again :-)


thanks for letting me know! happy growing.
Just praying if you had any blackboy seeds you can spare?


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