Hi folks,

Does anyone know where i can get some seeds for the Shoo Fly plant? I understand it is good for keeping white butterflys at bay. Cannot find any plants in Auckland - apparently I got the last one from Kings Plant Barn last week!! (Forgot to add - im after around 30+ seeds. The plants are for a 500mtr sq community garden project)

cheers and thanks in advance for any tips,


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Kings seeds sell them but beware they self seed everywhere. Bees love them. I've got some spare somewhere if you want them use by date jan 2013 :)

I have some if you are still looking

Hi Steph id be really interested to know how you get on with theses. I thought they were repellant to white fly. but if you can see a difference in the white butterfly numbers please let us all know :)

Hi folks, a big thank you to everyone who replied..i was remiss for not saying thank you earlier - apologies!
I found them at Kingsseeds online but have decided to do more research before planting them. I was told by a nursery lady that she has spent 12 years trying to get shoo fly out of her garden. It does work but took over her gardens. ...have planted one plant and so far has had no effect on white butterflys!!!! (early days yet - will keep you posted) ;-)

Shoo fly - i just nip the heads off when they have flowered and

keep them in pots in vege garden, seems to work ok....cheers, helen


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