Organic treatment for white butterflys

Hi folks, A quick question: we have bee hives at our cooperative garden. What is the best way to control white butterflys and their caterpillars without harming the bees? We are trying to avoid using Derris Dust (i cant remember why). Any suggestions are more than welcome. For anyone interested, here is a plan for our garden: Soulhearth Cooperative Gardens is a group of community gardeners have joined with some land owners in Drury and together we have started a community supported agricultural project. The plan in this link below is one of possibly 3 500mtr square gardens on the same site. We are self-certified organic and are growing for market and to feed our households. Its all about growing food, growing people, growing community! Soulhearth Coop: Cheers and xxxx in advance for any suggestions, steph

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