Strawberry root weevil

Two years ago our strawberry plants were suffering badly from what I think it strawberry root weevil. I took all the plants up, dusted as much soil as possible from them, and replanted them in another part of the garden. They had one slow season but this year we've had a wonderful crop. But now I'm starting to see telltale signs of the same little critters again - holes in the strawberry leaves. Any ideas for organic ways to solve this? I'd prefer not to move them again, since it takes them a whole season to get over it. (Well, it did last time...) Thanks! Alice

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  • Hi Alice,

    I have no experience with the weevil you speak of, but I do have a related tidbit on Strawberries.   When a plant is suffering, the root of its suffering is often stress.  Strawberries like to be moved every year.  So, tho I'm unsure of how to get rid of your weevils, keeping moving your strawberries will keep them strong and productive.

    As for the weevils, perhaps look into Companion Planting.   



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