I know this group is focused on insects but often these three groups are often underestimated in NZ due their low diversity, low population and non-standard beauty. But they can be extremely good predators and they are endangered. There is an enormous challenge to integrate them in our gardens specially if we have cats around but I would love to give them a chance. Any experiences or ideas?

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Artificial tree hollows have been effective with a close relative of the pekapeka (long-tailed bat) in Australia. Insectivore bats guano is highly rich in valuable soil nutrients, that can be collected in a good design for artificial roosts as Charles Campbell demonstrated almost a century ago. Of course the population of Texan bats is by far bigger than kiwi ones, but just a small quantity will provide precious nutrients to our gardens.

Related to Lizards in gardens DOC got a quite nice page: http://www.doc.govt.nz/conservation/native-animals/reptiles-and-fro...

Ive got a area around my garden that is messy and untidy,this area is planted in natives and not only has become a great area for lizards but i'm starting hear a lot more of the Australian tree frog as well.No chance of get bats to my area though

I get quite a few skinks in my garden. I think it is because i have made several walls out of layered broken concrete. we do have a dog who deters cats in the day time but several pass through our place early morning and at night.

I think this topic is very important and is referred to in Mollisons permaculture manuals. Ive incorporated terra cotta drainage tiles and a rock wall for habitat (piles of brush are also recommended) but I suspect there are two big problems - cats and the surrounding suburban kikuyu desert. Wildlife conservationists talk about corridors which facilitate migration and thus population of 'oases' of suitable habitat. One thing weve noticed in this suburb is the way streams have been lined with concrete for stormwater. If these were returned to their natural state and dammed to creat pools, frogs could then access many suburban gardens. Im currently reading on pond design. Ive dug the hole and set up the water supply but need to plan vegetation and the species for the ecosystem.


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