Hi all - does anyone have advice on the best blender &/or juicer to buy? We currently make green smoothies off & on in a standard blender which seems to work pretty well. Is the Vita Mix really that much better? I am keen to do some joint juicing/blending to include juices from foods like beetroot and ginger which (I think) don't blend so well. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated. Thanks!  Bronwyn

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I'd like to know the answer to this too. And maybe when we are ready to purchase, we could purchase in bulk as a 'buyers club' and get a wholesale rate.
I will recommend this for everyone, Thermomix TM31

I Have been using it in restaurants for the last 7 years, and the last year I got it for home. It's the perfect thing for a kitchen. I can tell you what I can do: Bread dough in 3 min, Juices in 30 sec, fruit sorbet in 2 min, jams in 2 hours, pulverize or mill whole grains, coffee, etc. Christy infuses her herbal oils and even you can prepare a Risotto without stirring.
If you need more information I can help you out, and I now if we get enough people we can probably get a better price.
Here's the link to a website describing the product and their direct marketing strategy. I couldn't find out where to buy or how much, and I tried!
This product is not sold as retail. The way the Thermomix is sold is through a demonstration of the equipment because of the multifunctionality of the machine, and the necessity of understanding all the features and uses, thats part of the marketing strategy.
I can arrange a demonstration for a group in one host house. You can see this video as an example of demonstration (http://www.thermomix.com.au/04-video01.html).
Thanks Giulio for that info - the Thermomix certainly looks impressive. I'd be interested in finding out more. We are away until end of September if James, you or anyone else is interested seeing a demonstration after this date? Regarding juicing, I understand however that a crushing system such as used in this Oscar juicer (http://stores.vitality4life.co.nz/Items/juicer_ovm900) keeps more nutrients than other juicing methods. Bronwyn
Ah the blender, it is completely worth investing in a great blender, or be prepared to replace your mid-range blender several times over. I've hear amazing results from the OMNI V 3 HP, more affordable than the vitamix

I found an American website that sells the OMNI V 3 HP http://3hpblenders.com/OMNI.html
but I am trying see if it can be sourced locally.
Do you know if NZ's buy them in NZ - or is there at least support if they break down.
Did you get one that already had NZ power supply (220 volts).

I have been checking blenders for a long time and wonder about buy the powermill versus the blendtec
Hi guys-this may have come to late but we have just bought a LexSun 2.0 blender, 3hp-professional heavy duty industrial series and it is awesome! cheapest I could find on the net was $895, usually $1095. We found them at 'Wise Cicada' in New Market (AK) for $850
As for Juicers, we use an Oscar900 and have done so every day for the last 12 months or so and we would juice around 15kg of carrots a lone each week-very good machine. Choosing between having a Juicer or a Blender really comes down to what your wanting to achieve. My wife has cancer so we use both and for very differant purposes. Hope this is of some help.
I have a vitamix and I absolutely love it! No issues with blending beetroot/ginger and can then strain through "cheese" cloth for easy juice making. The main difference I noticed with the vitamix is how it could pulverize seeds and properly break down the cell walls of my leafy greens - my smoothies are actually smooth now. The only major downfall of the vitamix is it's price, particularly in NZ. It preforms well. I chose the vitamix over blendtec due to the lack of electrical screens and buttons. Mine has two flip switches and a dial - much more likely to make it through the next 10 years or more.
I've since found another comparable blender called the "powermill" which seems to stack up well but is a lot cheaper: www.purewellbeing.com
re: juicing with the blender, I think Victoria Boutenko has done some research on vitamin levels, oxidisation etc on this - I remember reading an article from her. Maybe try google-ing for it.

Hi Bronwyn,  If you are still looking, we use the Vitamix and you are welcome to come over and give it a try. We use it daily for juicing veggie smoothies and regularly for turning almonds into flour for cakes. However, we bought it in the USA since we dual wired the house with 120v power. Oddly, the motor is Swedish, but at the time Vitamix did not offer it in 220v.

We also have a Green Star GS 3000 Juicer (230 volt) that we will be putting up for sale on TradeMe in a couple of days. It does a fantastic job separating excess pulp (like carrots) from juice without friction heating, but we find we just don't use it enough to justify counter-space.



Well, I invested in a Vitamix earlier this year and it was the best purchase I ever made. I've had all sorts  of blenders and juicers over many, many years but the Vitamix beats them all hands down. Just a few of the things I love about it are the totally unbreakable jug & lid, the incredibly powerful motor which comes in handy for making compost by grinding up hard chunky things that would take ages for the worms to deal with and for making nut butters without overheating the motor. Also love being able to make hot soup in it -chop the ingredients in the jug and then cook into soup, all in one operation. It also makes icecream, so the book says. For ease of cleaning it's in a class of its own. By the way, I don't work for the Vitamix Corporation!

Forgot to say that the Vitamix has a full 7 year warranty -have never come across any other appliance that's covered for so long.


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