How does a market evolve to allow retailing within its own paradigm. To me, new markets have the ability to encourage the growth of a cottage industry, which we currently lack around NZ. With the growing and sharing of locally sourced produce we have the ability to reduce our dependence on multinationals and supermarkets.

Its a paradox are driven by the customer...but are provided by the producer...bringing in the retailer develops the ethos of a supermarket...the very thing we are trying to beat out of society...

where does it start and finish? what are the guidelines toward developing something that can be as fragile as a butterfly? when will we all stop relying on money for leadership and take ourselves into the new era of self dependence?

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Tim Ryan said:
One way to get over it is through the construction of transparent agreements between the committee and traders...and that traders are open to consumers. What about having joint ventures trading within the market system?...this was suggested tonight at our committee meeting and the market moved to trial it over the coming summer to see how this system works...all joint ventures are to be deeply scrutinized by the committee before any trading is to take place. This is to make sure that no-one comes in with with the proverbial retail outlet, that makes the market into the supermarket...emphasis is to be kept on local producers and traders...



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