April 22


Ohawe Beach, Hawera

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I can offer

Gardening & yard labour, Garden watering, Garden sitting, Poultry sitting, to be a gardening buddy, Preserving

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Experience and Qualifications

Lots of years in the garden

I am interested in...

Buying Local Food, Bartering Local Food, Community Gardens, Learning, Preserving, Helping Others, Seed Savers, Gardening on others Land

Tell us about your garden and what you're growing

Created a new vegie garden, in a extra sunny spot, which is flourishing, and have used the old vegie patch to house 5 chickens, they make the best pets ever!!!! Still have a lovely herb garden, and the biggest swan plants ever, donated caterpillars to friends this year as we had many to spare!! Getting into some flowers this year, hubby has bought two roses to pretty the place up....!!

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  • HI there , sorry not to get back to you sooner - I crush a clove slightly so it releases the juice and put it in the water. My hens seem to eat all sorts of things you think they shouldn't to no apparent harm. Such as rhubarb leaves, they seek it out so I had to move the rhubarb plant, and potato leaves. They leave the unpalatable stuff alone generally but we have a townie backyard which although big has not got the wild stuff growing that a farm may have. Check any good poultry book and it should give some toxic plants to avoid. Good Luck.
  • Hi There - Happy to share knowledge....yours and mine :-) - Kristen
  • Hi Cas, yes it will be good to not have to wear gumboots all the time to go outside in the puggy clay. l here you are doing accounting papers which must be keeping you busy. l am doing a horticulture certificate at the moment. lt is a free one run through the Open Polytech but done from Auckland. lt is really interesting and l am learning heaps of basic stuff that give the reason for why we do or don't do certain things, take care
  • Hi Cassandra,
    The stall in Inglewood went really well ! Some elderly gardeners turned up with shopping bags full of scrummy cucumbers and other late summer treats. We sold about $140 worth of food, from about 8 different gardeners. We were quite happy with it, for a first try. We are thinking about a monthly stall, but haven't gotten around to firming anything up yet.

    Do you know Maakere Edwards down in Hawera ? She is keen to get stuff happening down there. I'll ask her to join Oooby and be your Ooooby friend.
    Keep warm, Kama
  • Hi Cassandra,
    We are launching an Ooooby Stall in Inglewood this Thursday as part of the ReGeneration Tour.
    For details see www.environaki.co.nz.
    If you are passing in the vicinity, we would love to get some produce from you to sell !
    Nga mihi, Kama
  • Hi Cas, quite an impressive garden you have there. Glad to see that you and Rob are friends. l was down in New Plymouth last November and what lovely soil you have down that way. lt is much harder work up here with the clay soil. Mum keeps me in the play about your 3 lovely boys. Take care Jenny
  • Apparently you are my friend!!!
  • Hey, hey, hey! Glad to see you found ooooby :) I've already picked up lots of tips and just found out that tyres don't leach toxins into the soil so I'll be setting all our tyres up for potato planting later. Just finished our new raised beds ... 7 in total! I 'cheated' and saved all my pennies to buy in proper soil and mulch but it will pay itself off in the end (I hope!). Will keep me busy, that's for sure. I mustn't have realised you had borage - I've been trying to grow it from cuttings but it's just not working for me! I think the greenhouse was too hot ...
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