August 7


Te Aroha

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moved 3 weeks ago to a place that needs to be cleared of everything before it can be gardened...so the demo has begun. cant wait to start growing again, but really enjoying the time to dream and then plan.

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  • hello Cyndi, have sent u a friend request & when you reply, let me know your address & I can send you some bulbils when they're ready, they will take a few seasons to grow into decent sized bulbs so you need to be patient:)
    hopefully, the wet weather won't have ruined my crop - the majority is still in the ground:(
    Softnecks garlics have a pliable stem that you can plait, the hardnecks grow a stalk (scape) with a seed pod(spathe) at the top which contain anywhere between 10-100 bulbils that can be grown like Egyptian onions.
    Hardnecks are exceedingly difficult to plait, if not impossible, when they've dried - the stalks will break. This is a great video on how to plait hardneck garlic before the stems have dried
    this is a great one on how to tie them
  • that's a good crop of garlic! do post some photos:)
  • non organic nz grown new season's garlic in new world is $21 per kg at the moment, no organic garlic for sale.
  • That would be wonderful :) We meet wednesday avos 3-5. but anybody can call in at any day/time before dark

  • Hi Cindy, yes the photos are from the community garden. Its in town next to the police station, feel free to pop in for a look round :)

  • Hi Cyndi, welcome too ooooby :)

    I like pea straw better than hay because it doesnt have grass seeds in it that will grow everywhere! also when the pea straw breaks down it dosent seem to smother the soil so much. When it breaks down it creates a more hummus soil that holds moisture better and feeds the soil life (keepin both plants and worms happy) also it releases nitrogen into the soil as a slow release fertilizer:)

    If you have some space to spare you can grow your own, sow in spring, grow till the end of season, cut, dry and place down on the garden come autumn :) 

    You can buy it in a bag from mitre 10- i dont like the idea of creating rubbish so i buy it buy the bale from any place that sells grain for stock feed OR Kaimai garden centre-matamata.

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