May 27


New Brighton

I can offer

Poultry sitting, Lead a workshop, Bulk food storage

Food Growing Skill Level


Experience and Qualifications

Permaculture Experience, WWOOFer, Bio-Dynamics

I am interested in...

Selling Local Grown Food, WWOOFA Hosting, Seed Savers, Offering Land for Gardeners

Tell us about your garden and what you're growing

I have just taken over a hectare of gorgeous land out in Tai Tapu Selwyn district just out of Chur. I am attempting CSA which has been fun. Frosts come early and -2 knocked the tomatoes killed the peppers surprisingly the eggplants are still kicking. garlic is now poking its head above a good 3 inch mulch of organic hay. managed to get some brussel sprouts and lots of red cabbages that are super sweet thanks to 501 . The rain has been pretty bad i am putting long planks in between rows to stop sinking down and losing my gumboots for ever. spring caulis looking good get pretty pricey around Nov -December but not if you are with a CSA !

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  • Hi George (*quickly replacing mental image from guy to gal*) i didn't know there was a seedbank dedicated to BD, i am involved with southern seed exchange, there is a rather inactive ooooby group for this you may have noticed with contact info if you are interested. To be honest BD may be a little out of my league, i muddle along with various compost teas and don't spray anything but don't get much more rigorous than that. perhaps i am mistaken about BD, I can't say i know much about it. the southern seed exchange sent me an email today about a BD workshop, unfortunately i am on the west coast so can't take part but if you would like details let me know. The CSA idea sounds fab, I'd love that, definately the way of the future for those concerned with regional food security and quality...working together is much better.
  • Hi George,thanks for your invite
  • Hi George,
  • Hi George,yes those early frosts are not welcome,had a -4 where i am,saved most with sprinklers luckily.
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