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We’ve cultivated our ¼ acre town section for more than 52 years and grow most of the fruit & veg we need, through all seasons. We’ve maintained soil fertility and healthy plants through crop rotation and the use of our home-made compost. We save a range of seeds, which we’re keen to share. (Enquire for list.) These are sold through the Green Dollar trading system and for NZ$ and we’re also open to barter arrangements. We also propagate and sell various plants: grape vines, currant bushes, perennials, grasses, succulents, seedlings….. We’re open to ‘woofer’ arrangements. As secretary of Living Economies Educational Trust I’m keen to promote the connection between local food and local currencies. Visitors are welcome to browse the resources in my office.

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  • It was good to catch-up Helen.  As "usual" you have something "unusual" going on!

    I take it you will still be living in that same area?  I'm going to look up those bags.  Just out of interest though.  Have enough trees as it is....except for avocados!  Thank you for looking out for someone.  Cheers, Pat

  • Hi Helen,

    Hope your garden and orchard have produced well this summer.  We have more fruit than we usually get but the Kaka's have had their share!  I'm contacting you because my husband and I need some permanent help with the orchards and i must reestablish my garden as a flood went through it.  I had broken a wrist and fractured back so could not do anything.  Now it is a kikuyu jungle.  We have a cottage that we hope to find work exchange for accommodation.  There must be a lot of folk out there that might like this idea but I don't really know where to put ads up.  Do you have any ideas?  We practice organic and somewhat permaculture and would appreciate like minded people living here.  I know you get around a lot and would appreciate any ideas you might have. 

    Bye for now,


  • Helen would love some of the bright yellow alstroemeria - where can l send postage to? Or l can swap with bright orange with yellow centre...kind regards, helen

  • Hi Helen  we would love some of your apple plant could it be posted at all to Auckland we would pay for it to be

  • Hi Helen, I sent you a friend request with my phone number. Katherine

  • Hi Helen thank you so much.. Much  appreciated.... Claire..

  • Hi Helen, can you please put me down for the visit from Murray Stentiford on the 9th August. I am looking forward to it


  • Helen, that's a wonderful offer! I would love that. I'm In Featherston but I can combine it with a grocery trip :-) I come from a line of great gardeners, but I'm afraid I'm not too green-fingered yet, and my mother's not local and Nan has passed on :-( I only have an 800m2 section which is already fairly established with some fruit trees and vines, but I'm keen to turn the back lawn over to chickens and veges. I'd love to be able to grow organically all seasons for health and economy as I have a young family.

  • Thanks Helen, I have been meaning to get down to the stalls at Belvedere for some time now. No doubt we will speak soon


  • Hi Helen, I too am in Carterton and looking at your picture I do believe I have seen you round.  :-)  Look forward to "talking" with you as I am just getting everything sorted here at our new place (new as in , this is our first summer here).  Go well :-)  Nancy
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