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Just bought our first home, so am excited about having a permanent residence to invest in the soil! Am using these guidelines from Koanga Gardens to build up the soil: http://www.koanga.org.nz/articles/soil-amendments-using-commercial-fertilisers-best-and-fastest-results-home-garden It's a bit expensive up front, but it's a one-off cost, and I see it as an investment. Our section is relatively small, but I'm cramming in as much as I can manage! I'm using a mixture of growing in pots, root restriction, dwarf varieties, judicious pruning and espaliering to keep the fruit trees in check. Fruit: Figs (Brunoro Black & Misa), Peach (Flamecrest), Apples (Prima & Freyberg), Pear (Seckels), Plums (Black Doris & Damson), Mandarin (Encore), Feijoa (Apollo), double grafted Meyer Lemon / Tahitian Lime, Blood Orange, Banana (Hamoa), Casirimoa, Fruit Salad Plant (Monstera), Naranjilla, Tamarillo (Ted's Red), Passionfruit (Black Beauty & Vanilla), Boysenberry (Brulee), Raspberry (Clutha & Yellow), Rhubarb (my grandma's!), Blueberries (Blue Magic, Blue Dawn & Tasty Blue), Gooseberry, Red & Yellow NZ Guava, Strawberries (Ivory, Captain Cook & Margeurite). Gardens are still getting established, but i'm gunning for: Veges: Lettuce (Heirloom MIx), Tomatoes (Mortgage Lifter & Cherry), Lebanese Cucumber, Eggplant (Black Beauty), Celery (Nutty), Zucchini (Black Beauty), Pumpkins (Crown, Chuck's Winter, Cupola, Austrian Hulless - for seeds, & Kamo Kamo - for eating young like courgette), Broccoli (De Cicco) & Cauliflower (Violet Sicillian). Herbs: Basil, Thai Basil, Coriander, Italian Flat-Leaf Parsley, Oregano, Marjoram, Rosemary, Thyme, Lemon Thyme, Mint, Mint Julep, Peppermint, Vietnamese Mint, Chamomile, St John's Wort, Heartsease & Elecampagne. Flowers & Companions: Calendula (Heritage Mix), Nasturtiums (Heritage Rainbow Mix), Borage, Marigold (Inca & Lemon Gem), Amaranth (Love Lies Bleeding), & Sunflower (Tarahumara & Giant Russian) - also Rugosa Roses for hips & Tea Roses for fragrance.

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  • Still have some, they have rooted well and now I have them in some soil, still should be ok to send when you are ready.
  • I've taken the cuttings usually heal ones... Have dipped in organic hormone to promote root growth will let you know how its going.
  • No problem Kelly, will take some today... It's a dull dampish day here in Marton today so quite good for doing that.

    Would you like me to get them growing first or just send as cuttings?

  • Hi Kelly - I must have been in an awful rush when I wrote that below.


    If you can register on our website, www.monarch.org.nz, you will automatically be updated. Hope that makes better sense!



  • Hello Kelly


    Please an you register on our website, so you can be kept updaed with information.







  • Hello Kelly and "Welcome" to the new Funk & Flash From Junk & Trash group. Check out the discussion on "Vertical Gardening", very nifty ideas for people who rent and have to keep their gardens mobile. So glad you joined!

  • you're welcome. Do let me know if they don't take, can raid my friend's garden again, there are plenty more!
  • Hi Kelly, welcome to the ALL-RAW group! look forward to sharing, inspiring and learning with you. You're not too far from Waiheke either, so we'll have to get you along to one of our monthly raw pot luck dinners!
  • Hello Kelly, happy to send you some cuttings but off on holiday tomorrow and back the 19th. Will go out with my secateurs when I get back from holiday. Just pm your address to me.
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