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I have a plot at the Ranui Organic Community Garden

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  • Hi Sharon,

    vinegar will kill some bacteria but not all. The only way to be sure to kill absolutely all bacteria is to cook at 120 degrees or more for 10 minutes or more. But boiling kills nearly everything.



  • There were monster lettuces.

  • Hi

    Long ago, I took horse manure for lettuces according to the advice of a friend who knew what he was doing.  He recommended me to put dirt on top to make sure that I would do a sort of "insulation" to make sure that the food wouldnt contact the manure or very little and then vinegar or lemon would do the rest if would be any problem.

    I never had any problems and the lettuces grew BERSERK in very short time.

  • Gaah! Oooby sure doesn't make it easy to reply to your message.

    Regarding the horse poo, I doubt that you will get food poisoning again provided that you make sure all your vegetables are:

    1. well washed

    2. peeled, in the case of root vegetables


    3. well cooked.

    Organic standards require all animal manures to be composted under appropriate conditions for a minimum amount of time before use, for good reason.

  • Don't know Sharon but Terri and her friend are definitely starting a community garden.

  • Hi Sharon, welcome to Ooooby. It sre is agreat site. I am hopeing it can help to build the momentum of the orchard. Hope you are well and perhaps i will see you in the orchard soon, T.

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