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March 1


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  • Hi Sandee, The greenhouse is a very good idea for your area. Our weather is going to be so unpredictable for the future. If you can, to help you with your future project, connect with builders that are into remodeling projects for windows and doors. Many people change-out their windows from older less efficient one's and remodel projects have to be done to current building codes. Great way to salvage windows! Job sites have garbage slash piles, ask the builder if you can salvage from it for timber. They are usually very accommodating as long as you ask. Recycling this way saves so much, dump fees for the homeowner, gas and use of vehicles for hauling and it also keeps it out of the landfill. Check your area for a "Freecycle" group. Just type it into your computer search and your local one should be fairly easy to search out. Check your local papers under the "Free" columns. I know using "black" painted materials also helps to heat things up. If your building has a cement floor, paint it black to conduct the heat from the sun. Same goes with plastic pots. I installed black stained wood flooring in my house and it's amazing how warm it keeps the house in the winter months. I have a girlfriend who called some builders looking for free bricks and she got enough free one's to do all her garden pathways!
  • Good morning Sandee and "Welcome" to the Funk & Flash group! Actually the "gutter gardening" idea was started by a woman who lived in Alaska with a small backyard. She mounted the gutters on the sunny side of her house for growing lettuces & shallow rooted veggies. I know your challenged up there with your temps. but mercy! those long sunny days you get! Our weather has been so odd down here this year, I'm in an area that gets a fair amount of fog but this year it was creepy odd! Days where it just never burned off at all and much more rain than expected. I see a greenhouse in my near future!

  • Greetings to my Northern neighbor! I'm Sheri and I'm in the San Juan Islands in Washington State. Glad to run into you here!
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