Hamilton, New Zealand


November 7



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Buying Local Food, Community Gardens, Preserving

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Bare land at the moment with a few young fruit trees. Have grown veges for the last three years so am keen to sort out a garden again. Have inherited some chooks.

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  • Hi

    I have a couple of ideas for chicken tractor.

    Is about to use a BBQ table from the inorganic week. Modify it, bringing it walls and roof. Make sure that the wheels would work.

    Then a normal RUN for chickens and then you can move it here and there.

    Another version is to use chipped windscreens.

  • Chillis and dried chillis....no dried, and i generally only have 5-6 seeds of my other sorts :/ sorry :(  But if you want, i can give you several heirloom corn varieties, or some heirloom Sweet William seeds if you're into cottage gardening :) Those are the tall ones too, not the common shorties. Check out my seed list on my page if you want (i dont have any refference to numbers of seed though). But if you prefer, i can give you a straight $30 or something :) I will call tomorrow!

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