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As a gardener I am as novice as they come for my age! also I have a very tiny space that gets any decent amount of sun. Would need to either dig up concrete, definitely an option or plant in containers, hmmm. Procrastination is my disease. But, now am committed to ooooby I will have to get cracking. (Just planted seedling tomatos. Have high hopes)

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  • hi Tracey thanks for your warm comments, we were luck enough to buy an already established garden, but phewey there is alot of work to be done, i wouldnt recommend it for retirement lol. good luck on your garden we do a garden tour here if you are ever passing and need some inspiration.
  • Have a look to the rooftop garden group, it might be useful for you if you have tiny space.

    Tiny space can make magic. If you have 1.20 x1.20 you can have most of the salads you need.

  • Hi Tracey

    Have a look to the Group Working Bees Auckland.

    11 June 1030, I am organizing a working bee in my house.

    The idea is to make a group that later on will go to another person's house, or community garden, and then make another working bee.

    I believe that if people works together, it can be more effective for lots of reasons.

    If you come or not, please refer to other people.

    Bye and regards.
  • Hi Tracy.

    Do you want to swap handwork. I help in your garden, another day you help in mine. The idea is to make work more efficient, change stuff, etc.

    Also I am trying to make a working bee, or a series of working bees (have a look Working Bee Auckland Group.

    I believe that if people swap handwork, work will be easier to mantain, therefore, is especial for people who dont have time.

    Ok, have a nice day.

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