Best informed anti-GMO talk ever, explains really clearly the bad science of GMOs

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Thank you so much for posting this Kali!

thanks for watching Megan :) I thought it was good in that not only does Jeffrey M Smith spell out the hazards of gmos but he offered hope about the tipping point of people power and how the bottom line will influence whether companies use them. It defies logic really that Monsanto etc. can get away with this stuff and the sooner people get informed the sooner it can hopefully change.

I agreee, this is the best talk ever. My point is: how to spread it to people who think that it is all fine...

HI Catherine, yes preaching to the converted here for sure.

I Have heard it said that 20% is a tipping point for an idea whose time has come, the masses who don't and probably never will think about it aren't the ones who create change. There are signs that toleration for this is changing to anger around the world, with more people saying NO. doesn't stop them trying to pull the wool over our eyes and maintain their belligerent greedy monopolies.

I have tried to get people to think twice about using roundup willy-nilly  on another  gardening discussion board and its amazing how heated it gets with  people who's overiding goal is 'convenience' who get quite irate that anyone should question their wisdom. Basically they believe the marketing hype because they want to, and if no-one is dropping down dead immediately in front of them the evidence is not compelling enough. How often do we see council workers spraying the roadsides not even wearing any protective clothing?  My own son sprays it around his place and just rolls his eyes at me!

Saving seeds and giving them away is my little piece of activism for now, would like to know what else is being done that I could participate in.

It is scary knowing that our government is in  talks for the TPP which includes monsanto lobbyists but is kept top secret from us. What I have heard is on the table Beggars belief !(as my hubby would say.)

The movie Genetic roulette that Jeffrey Smith produced and is speaking to in this talk is out this week and free to watch for one week  here genetic roulette


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