Is anyone using Bokashi bran and/or Active EM with their poultry yet?


I am new to poultry but have noticed some interesting stuff on internet around both Bokashi bran and/or Active EM use in poultry feed, water and general husbandry. Has anyone here got some experience here they could share please?

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Hi Mo,
Bokashi Bran is widely used outside of NZ in the pigs and poultry industry,
Usage has shown to decrease the fat content of the intestines, increase egg size and mainly the benefit is better conversion of feed by the animals concerned.
The zing product is not suitable for this however it can be used for adding to litter to improve odour control in sheds and assist the breakdown of litter.
EM can be added to water as well .
We do have some product available for adding to animal food and we are currently doing some research on this aspect.
Currently these products are available to home users only .
Neville Burt
Zing Bokashi
Thanks Neville, I am glad I asked here.
Could you eleborate how much EM to add to water per litre and do I have to 'activate' it first for best results?
I would also be interested in the home users products you briefly touched on, what are these and are they available from your online shop?

cheers Mo



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