Has anyone got any good simple recipies using native edibles? 

I know that NZ Spinach can be substituted for regular spinach on pizza's or pasta's... I often crush a few horopito leaves and chuck them in when steaming mussels. I've also heard of ripe poroporo fruit being made into jam etc. 

I am after any tasty tried and true ideas for recipies using natives. Please share - I wouls love some ideas!

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great topic, I am trying to grow the native celery this year to see if that is useful in cooking, pikopiko (fern frond buds) would appear to be easily steamed for eating, must try this once I have identified which varieties are the best to use. Our local butcher uses horopito seasoning in his small goods. watercress and puha are obvious choices because they are common, watercress pesto is made locally here on the west coast. I used puha once in a stew but not sure if it needs special preparation to get the bitterness out of it first.
here are links to Johanna Knox's blogs on the subject, (she is an Ooooby member but i think she may be inactive as she didn't reply to my invite to share here)
Hiya - sorry for the very delayed reply! Thanks Kali for your email! Some places where I've written about recipes with natives on the wild picnic blog are:

(lots of recipe ideas in the comments too - I think lots of people are inspired by kawakawa!)

Beach spinach:
(Everything here applies to its cousin NZ spinach too)




Also, can I recommend Nigel at Curious Kai? He does some awesome stuff with natives.

So glad I found this group on Oooby - thanks again for emailing me about it. I didn't realise it was here. I'd love to hear what else people are doing with natives, recipe-wise.
HI, try - tp://www.maorifood.com/recipes.htm has some interesting recipes
In January, when the raupo flowers are full, you can get Pua (Raupo Pollen). Mix it with a bit of water to make a 'cake' and steam it.



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