Greetings Ooooby store growers, I have been helping from time to time on the ooooby store with Christy and am trying to find ways to spend Roobys.

Was thinking of a buyers club for those with roobys (cash buyers also welcome) and see if we can buy in bulk to get discounts. 

Looking at things that we use in our household and was wondering what others might be wanting to get:

Everything is still in the early stages, but hope to use this discussion as a planning document.

If everyone could think about what they are currently spending cash on and if we can get accounts with companies that sell that type of product along the lines of:

Formula for the 100 foot diet challenge

If you cant Grow in your own back yard, buy locally grown

If you cant buy locally grown, buy organic

If you cant buy organic buy from a family farm

If you cant buy from a family farm buy from a local business

If you cant buy from local business then buy fairtrade!

I have been starting my own list, have a think and make your own:

Grains, cleaning, eggs, Kumara, Fruit, Meat

3 monthly
tinned or preserved food stuffs, tui quash, rock dust - organic fertilizers , seeds, gardening gloves, chaf, hay, wood chip, ground cover, mulch etc, Compost, Potting mix, toilet paper, preserving equipment, Education - courses, workshops etc

Garden tools, Bigger items, water tanks etc, Fruit Trees, eco energy, light bulbs

To save on admin, ordering would be monthly, 3 monthly or yearly depending on the products.

Please let me know what you think.


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Hi Angie

Good thinking.

Could there be a link to kai tika food co-op for your monthly, 3 monthly lists?

Hi Fionna
A while ago when I spoke to a guy re Kaitika they were not really interested in masses more people joining, more of a greylynn program not auckland wide (if this has changed let me know).

The purchasing would not be able to be done in roobys via kaitika as it is not connected to ooooby - not sure how it could work - any thoughts and suggestions welcome.

Fionna, any news re Kaitika?
Hi Angie: I like what's on your list, particularly things like potting mix, organic fertilisers and cleaning products. Not quite so interested in food items.

Regards, Helen
Yes I'm keen, my list would include
coffee, grains, pulses, gluten free grains/ flours, sugar, toilet paper , natural cleaners, gardening supplies, meat, fruit trees, bananas, pet food, dairy products....
To make this work we need alot more people to buy bulk, can you suggest anyone else? Spread the word!
Hi All:

I am looking at placing an order with Environmental fertilisers to get this product:

Not sure of exact cost ($35-40 per 20kg bag) , but will be taking orders and when we get 50 we can place an order to get it delivered to Auckland. - There will also be a roooby price, but need to work it out. Anyone interested?

N-1, P-5, K-3, Ca-20, Mg-3 plus Trace Minerals


Natures Garden Fertiliser is a blend of Sechura RPR, Humic Acid, Seaweed, Vermicast and Paramagnetic Basalt Rock Dust. This has been composted and inoculated with beneficial soil bacteria and fungi.


 Contains 70 essential plant minerals, vitamins and natural growth hormones.
 Natures Garden Fertiliser has been inoculated with such beneficial bacteria and fungi as Azotabacter, Trichoderma, B.Subtillus and Bio-Vam. These help to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere solubilise frozen reserves of phosphate as well as being root growth stimulators.


Use 1-2 handfuls per plant or per meter every 2-6 months.
Please Note:
(when using with BioVam use ½ recommended fertiliser rates)


 Each 1kg of Natures Garden Fertiliser is equivalent to 4kg of compost
 Natures Garden Fertiliser will help to improve soil structure.
 Increase beneficial soil life activity.
 Build organic Carbon levels
 Improves biological balance with all of the associated benefits.
 Improve yield and crop quality.
Hi Angie, I'm not sure if you've got 50 orders yet but I am keen on purchasing a couple of bags. Cheers, Debbie :0)

HI Debbie

Didnt get any interest from the group so arranged it myself, I can pass the details on if you wish.




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