I am looking out for these Damson plums at the moment, no luck as yet. Did make a batch in early March last year with some plums picked up from farmers market in Masterton. Only a small batch then of 1kg of fruit, the resulting liquer is the most devine yet I have made. If anyone knows where to buy these in the Wellington region, give me a hollar please.

Am seriously considering growing these for future batches.

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Ohhh now there is a thought, hmmm we don't grown damson plums this far south, but I can see me shopping for gin and plums just the same. I think I will check out other ideas for alcohol. When we settle Damson plums will be on the list of trees to plant.
silly question, but could you taste that you had used gin? My partner doesn't like the taste of gin, so thought I would ask
No not at all, we are G & T drinkers especially during the summer months, but I find the Damson Gin very sweet & fruity of plum. Very nice as a night cap or drink on completion of a special dinner.



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