late last year I made some elderflower champs, in view of drinking it at Christmas. Used a recipe from River Cottage and found I needed to add yeast a couple of days in. We had a couple of bottles Christmas day and it wasn't too bad, very strong in flavour from the flowers. We opened a wine bottle last night and lost half the bottle in fizz. Now I would like to try added other flavours to the wine and see what happens. I have a couple of elderflower bushes growing in the backyard but they are still very young.

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I too used the River Cottage recipe for the 1st time last Nov after stumbling onto some bushes near by. Mine turned out very successful and I only added the tiniest touch of yeast to each batch. This still managed to produce the most awesome fizzy champs. My work collegues were very impressed with tasters before Christmas so we are all looking out for more bushes for future raidings.

Have successfully managed to strike cuttings, so don't expect any harvest soon.

I have cuttings that are growing well and being in Dunedin they grow on the side of the road. just waiting for the berries to ripen. Must go a check my local supply and see how they Are getting on. I now wish I had mad more than 2 dozen, but I had run out of empty bottles.
Wonderful idea. We've got quite a few elderberry trees in our Wellington neighbourhood, so I'll keep the champers in mind for next season and check out that recipe. Thanks for the suggestions!



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