We've just started to experiment with our own drinks. Yacon & Ginger beer with  the aim  to produce a low alcoholic beverage and have some health benefits for our digestive system too is the first on our list. 

As our orchards grow and other plants go in we hope to experiment with wine, meads and fruit syrups and their has been talk of a still wwwwaaayyyy down the track!

I like forward to the posts from the group and will keep you up to date with our experiments!

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Hi Wendy : My wife & I were given 2 yakons. We ate 1 raw, and are growing the other 1.  Our previous property had quite a few fruit trees, and we made wine, pressing the frozen & thawed fruit. We have distilled our own alcohol for many years. Can offer good deals on stills, and assosciated items.


Dian & Dennis

Thanks Dian & Dennis, will keep that in mind when we get to the still stage, sounds like you are experienced hands at growing your own drinks. We will be sure to ask for advice along the way!




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