Folks, off the top of your heads - does anyone know of a farmer around Auckland / Franklin who sells organic unpasturised milk from the "farm gate" to the public? Im wanting to try making cheese. It requires 10 litres and thats really expensive through the shops.

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Drury Christian School has real milk and free range eggs and a wee shop with various bits and pieces.
i'd be keen too, for the same reason :)
Wow I thought they were trying to make this illegal, I'm keen too, if enough of us are keen we could take turns if there is a drive involved.
that'd work for me!!

I know of a Biodynamic/organic place just outside of Papakura more towards the west, let me know if that would be of interest. 


There is also a place in Helensville, not certified organic.


To keep our farmgate milk options open, please take care with what the law states if you are discussing this in a public forum - what you do offline is up to you.  Legally you are only allowed to collect 5ltres per person per day from the gate and you are not allowed to collect on behalf of others. (sorry if I sound like a nana)


If you send me a direct message as I dont often come into this part of ooooby i can send the contact details for the two farms i know.



Hi folks,

Thank you for the replies! Thats awesome - now im energised. Im from Papakura so Drury school is really close. This just goes to show that you never know until you ask!

(It would be really cool to have an organic fruit / vege, meat and milk map for Auckland - the only one I found online listed Waiuku as the only source)

Many thanks again


Hi, If you need the address for Drury - It's the Drury Church, 13 Sutton Road and the phone number is 294 7332. They are absolutely lovely and make their own cheese so they will be able to help if you have any questions. They held a cheese making workshop last year that was full of fantastic information. You need to take your own containers to put the milk in (glass is best). They are open from 9am-12pm Monday-Saturday. Have fun.
Hi Nickie!!! :) Fancy seeing you here! Thanks again for coming to K bday, great catching up again!!
I have just been out there and they are advertising a cheese making course again on the 19th I think.  Is it worth going to Nickie if I have been fiddling around making my own cheese already?

Hi all, just discovered ooooby!

Im hoping someone can help - im after organic raw milk in the Auckland region (situated out west but can travel) anyone have any contacts? cant believe how hard it is to come by! Thanks heaps :)



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