i wonder whether or not this is just another of my dreams-
i've heard about community chicken farming in melbourne, where there are x numbers of chickens and x numbers of families co-operatively farming these chickens... the idea being that you go there once a week, clean up, feed and collect the eggs.
i'm dreaming of something similar with a cow.

is there anyone else out there who would be interested in shared ownership/care for a cow or 2?

we've missed the spring, and the milking season, but if i can get an idea of any interest then i can carry on making enquiries!

i'd love to hear from you

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I have just joined ooooby and am wondering if anything has come of the shared cow or goat idea as I'm really interested. Please let me know.
Hmmm well as I said i know some with a lovely house cow and i asked whether they would take on another cow through this kind of ownership, they were interested in the demand for raw but not in this system, unfortunately. Unfortunately I know have a short term lease on a my market garden as they want to feed more house cows..... thinking of going vegan as i am quite over dairying but thats just cause i'm being burnt..
good luck trying to find some one to manage a cow as it seems that the demand for raw is so great in chch that there is more profit to be made than good will.
but if any one does want to participate its a really good idea as it looks like it by passes the farmer to consumer health regulations with the distribution of raw milk as the owners are the farmers.. any comments on this point would be great.
hi, thanks for your thoughts, advice and input.
we're all being burnt by the big F milk folk; the alternatives are worth considering... i was vegan for many years but i share my life with a french man (it's enough that he's happy to eat vegetarian in the house!) and in all honesty, i love the creamy-fatfilled home-made yoghurt, buttermilk for baking the possibilities of home made cheeses...
we made goat milk yoghurt yesterday which rocked! now that is my plan B: the community goat.
kia ora saskia,
we're all still dreaming at this stage! i've just had a baby & need to simplify my life, but, if i couuld get a goat... or share a cow..
Hi Bec and George and others....
I have just recently started making our own cheese. Sharing ownership in a cow sounds great!!! Otherwise having easy access to raw milk from someone's house cow is another good option. The hassle is if there is a lot of travel involved. A goat is good too. I'm in Burwood, so not far from Brighton. where are your friends with the house cow, George? Do I understand right that they are open to supplying raw milk?
mmmm goat milk yoghurt - sounds good....
hey guys I'm not being burnt by Fonterra but a lifestyler hmmm you expect it from F but not others money talks ahy. however lovely cows need land and grass and care and they do this well but there are others who do have access to milk for processing just ring around the small cheese makers they might be interested in selling milk at peak season I have done this before so worth a go. This is for goats, there is a goat farm out in lincoln mostly organic i think? The In the pot yoghurt you get at piko might supply milk or be open for alternative distribution give them a ring. Good luck the later option will not involve a lot of travel the house cow on my leased property is out in tai tapu and they they met there demand at the moment.



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