Anyone have any hens for sale ? Or know where I can buy some.  Just moved down from Wellington.

Just a couple is all need.

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We got ours from the "chicken man" :)

He gives ex-battery hens a second chance, he's a good guy.


I second Jonathan aka 'chickenman' he's in West Eyreton

Hi Rod,

You'd be more than welcome to have mine, they are no spring chickens any more though. I've had them for three years and before that they came from a block near Little River. My guess is they'd be about four and five years old. The younger one still lays most days, the older one is slowing it down a bit. I would like to replace them with some younger ones in spring, but dread giving them the 'chop', so if anyone wants them they'd be very welcome. They are probably shaver x somethings, but I don't really know. They are hardy and independent, though not very tame. Never managed to get those wild early years out of them :-)

Anyway, let me know if you are interested.




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