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  • Hi TJ, if you add little sticks on the treacle, across the length of the tin that they can stand on, they shouldn't get stuck

  • I have been told to hang tins partially filled with treacle in my apple and pear trees to help combat coddling moth.  My neighbour has an apiary nearby and I am worried that this treatment will cause bees to also get caught in the sticky mess,  The tins are inside onion sacks.

    Any suggestions please?

  • I have formic Acid and Oxalic Acid in Hobby quantities for sale at www.greenurbanliving.co.nz . I also have a Top Bar Beekeeping course on September 20th in Havelock North. More info here http://www.greenurbanliving.co.nz/top-bar-beekeeping/

  • Bees and beekeeping equipment

    Dr Mark Goodwin is looking for some very old NZ American foulbrood spores (spores of Panibacillus larvae a disease of honey bees). He needs to swab or collect detritus from any very old beekeeping equipment, skeps, old comb, old hive parts, or very old honey. They want to know how long the spores survive and whether there are any genetic differences between them and the ones that are currently causing disease in hives. If you can help, please let him know. 

    Dr Mark Goodwin

    Scientist and Team Leader, Pollination and Apiculture Team

    The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited

    T: +64 7 959 4550


  • If anyone is looking for bees for a topbar hive, I make top bar nucs.  I currently have a very strong nuc for sale on 390x33 mm bars.  New seasons queen on new seasons comb (no residues).
    Pick-up only. Hamilton.
    Message me for further details.

  • If anyone is looking for a healthy empty TBH, please message me. Also have bee suit, etc. 

  • Sorry, Cambridge, Waikato

  • Perhaps let people know the area where you live Kathryn.

  • HELP, I have Bees that have made a hive inside the punja tree beside our front door.  Would not be a problem if they didnt attack us when we go outside,, or come into the house.  I need them moved!

  • Announcing the 2nd Annual NZ Natural Beekeeping Conference. This year it is being held in Auckland on March 23rd.  More information here http://www.greenurbanliving.co.nz/index.php?CID=100111 We would love to see you there. Please pass on to all interested new, and old beekeepers.


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More than one Queen

I took out the varroa strips from my hive today, and had a check.  The frames in the bottom box were very mouldy, so I have removed them, leaving the box empty.  Built a stand to elevate the hive about 30cm also, hopefully this will improve airflow and ventilation.  Second box is looking good, lots of bees and honey and new brood. Bees are still very active. However, when I was moving the boxes, I found a queen above the queen excluder.  I put her back down into the brood box.  I then found two…

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RE: Help please: Bees (question from Jacqui Knight)

Hi Jacqui, I got your question in an Oooby email but it doesn't seem to link to where you posted it so I am starting a new discussion. Hope you find it. Use branches of Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) Grows wild on lots of roadside banks. I have used it successfully here for 35 years. Elisabeth220px-Artemisia_absinthium_P1210748-1.jpg

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Top Bar Beekeeping

I live in the Auckland area and have been interested in Top Bar Hives for a while. I'd love to start keeping bees but before I do that I'd like to find a mentor who has experience with TBH beekeeping who can offer advice and support. Do any of you fit that description or know where I might be able to look to for help?

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