Beekeeping Club in Rotorua?

I am new to beekeeping. I did a beginners course and have a hive in my backyard but no bees yet. Is there a club in Rotorua or maybe Pyes Pa area in Tauranga? I am keen to collect a swarm but have never done it before and don't really know where to start...

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  • Oh you are on here :-)
  • Hi Judy,

    Beekeeping clubs are mainly located around the main centres, but you can find a list at

    Education is the key, otherwise you will lose a hive or get a disease and get disheartened. See if you can locate a local beekeeper who will mentor and advise you and go from there. Online communities such as Ooooby or the NZ Beekeepers Forum will be a great help to you as well.


    Above all, don't be afraid to ask!

  • Hi Judy,

    I'm a new beekeeper too.

    Collecting a swarm is the most incredible experience and I recommend it!

    Be organised, read up about it, what you need to bring with you... Sort

    out what you need and have it ready in the car for when you get the call. I asked

    at my club for a support person to come with me. In the end I did it on my own!

    The bees have been in my garden for a month now, they are flourishing. I did a

    mite count and got 0. Will try again next week and hope to get the same result.

    All the best, look forward to hearing your experiences.


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