Wait till you see this!!

Carefully, and with lots of patience, I have managed to grow THIS... It was not easy. I have learned how to do this from a famous teacher many years ago... You can all have a think about it, and the answer is in the second picture... The question is, what is it?

After a hard days work, what can be better than a nice refreshing Watermelon!

No more, please, I'm full! I feel so refreshed! The World's Smallest Watermelon, grown on Waiheke. Watch the events listing for a possible workshop, so you can grow the same!

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  • Thanks for the comment.

    I bought the seedling at the market here where I live, and I complained to the person who sold it to me, saying I wanted my money back! (as a joke) And she said that it was a miniature watermelon, and that is how big it should get! So, if you ever buy a watermelon seedling, check that it is not a small variety.

    Or maybe she was pulling my leg, I never did find out...

    Oooh I like your pickled radishes.
    • just wondering if you kept the seed from it?
    • Aha, a little late in replying... sorry.
      I did not keep the seed. I did not want anyone to go through the pain I went through to get such a small return!!

  • Wow that's one cute little Watermelon!
    Congratulations! :D
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