I've got everything ready to start a worm bin, only "thing" left are..the fantastic worms. Wondering if there's someone out there running a worm composting bin with red wigglers (or the likes) and happy to give away even a few. I don't mind starting with just a handful and less than the target amount and letting them increase their population to sustainable numbers.

Drop me a private message to respond, that will forward to my personal email, as I check Ooooby very seldom at this point. Thanks you tons!



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  • There's one way we can figure out what they are: have you been keeping them in a box or are they in the ground?
    (earthworms don't survive in boxes)

    Also, here is a picture of what tiger worms look like:

    Could you confirm their ID please?


  • hey yocef, I have some worms not too sure on the type but it was for my permaculture course. Pick up in brighton. 0272053734 Pete

    • "Thanks Pete for the worms, you're awesome. There were 120 grams of them, not bad at all, and they're going to be very happy now with 340g of scraps a day :) I just need to find ~500 more grams of them, on the hunt now!"


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