For people keen on permaculture, esp practical applications in & near Chch.We meet sometimes, to share, learn, & do.No qualification is needed to be part of this group.To learn more about permaculture, see:
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  • Just to share that Geoff Lawton is finally openi g up his online Permaculture design course to the public. I got in on early bird entry. I know it only stays open a week or so so please pass on to anyone who might have been waiting. It's taken me over 4 years to do excited. If anyone joins up maybe we can form a support group.
  • I'm keen...

  • i'm keen.. would like  to be involved in a community project..  food forest/ look at aqua culture possibilities.. be involved with other like minded people..  

  • I'm keen - Wednesday evenings just came free for me again.  Keep me posted as to what you have in mind.

  • Hey everyone;

    Who's wanting to do or see some permaculture things here in Chch?  

    Post your reply here, or send me a message. 

  • Hi Justin,

    I did a quick search on Google and found this interesting project - growing berries rich in anti-oxidants and all sorts of goodies. And some of them are planted in fibonacci spirals - interesting question though:

  • Just a question, has anyone explore incorporating Fibonacci sequence in guild design? 

  • I am keen too!

  • Hi Mariana,

    Very good. Good ideas. 

    I'm keen.  Who else is keen?

    Any one else have suggestions? 

  • Hi Jane

    Your seed ball making proposal was good; if there was more advance notice then I probably could've been there. 

    Will you/they do it again?

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Has anyone got worms (i.e. red wigglers) to give away?

Hi, I've got everything ready to start a worm bin, only "thing" left are..the fantastic worms. Wondering if there's someone out there running a worm composting bin with red wigglers (or the likes) and happy to give away even a few. I don't mind starting with just a handful and less than the target amount and letting them increase their population to sustainable numbers. Drop me a private message to respond, that will forward to my personal email, as I check Ooooby very seldom at this point.…

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Free adobe building workshop & seminar - Sun 8 May, Tue 10 May - Christchurch.

Free adobe building workshop & seminar - Sun 8 May, Tue 10 May - Christchurch Please forward this to other people in your networks too. It's planned to be on this Sunday daytime (hands-on workshop), and Tuesday evening (seminar with a slideshow). (Sunday 8 May, Tuesday 10 May.) Feel free to inform others about this, esp those who may want to rebuild (temporarily or permanently) with this technique. And please inform me or post on the Wall…

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What next?

Hi everyone, I'm gathering all the pieces of myself back into order after the earthquake and am wondering what next? I'm aware of a growing pessimism haunting me as I consider the possibilities that might be over looked in the re-imagining of Christchurch. I want to release this by talking and learning more about transition town initatives around our planet that could inspire us, by hearing what others are thinking and feeling, and by continuing to learn more permaculture design and self…

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Christchurch-west Permaculture group starting up

Hello all; I'm starting up a sub-group: a Christchurch-west Permaculture group, for people & projects on the west-side of Christchurch.  We can meet at the Okeover Community Gardens, on the Canterbury University Grounds.  For me, such a group closer to where I live and work is better, so I can bicycle or walk to our meetings and projects ... but I hope for more projects than meetings!  (More do, and less talk!) We can help with each other's own garden projects, have potluck meals, watch…

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