A group for individuals interested in a raw/live food vegan "diet" (lifestyle) in Christchurch, New Zealand.
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  • Hey everyone,
    I run this group by email (as I've done for several years now); if you want to join us then send me a (non-public) message here with your email address.
    We have 200 members and an event every fortnight. 

    It's fine if you're not fully "raw vegan", vegan, or vegetarian; 

    being interested and respectful is enough. 

    Most of us eat some cooked food too. 


  • Chch raw foodies, or people who will be in Christchurch on Tuesday:

    This awesome event is a fantastic opportunity for us ... 

    ... read the Comments below for more info ... 

  • Discounted tickets are available now for pre-sales, groups, students, & people with special circumstances. 

  • This event (flyer image below) will greatly interest those of us interested in "raw vegan" food and lifestyle things, and for those of us interested in growing and wild-harvesting food. 

    I'm really looking forwards to it - only 7 days away!

    Comment here or Message me directly if you want more info.

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  • Hi Sabrina,

    Welcome :)

    The organic food shop that's closest to Sumner that I recommend is: 


    There's also these people - on Ferry Road which is close to you - but I think they do deliveries only: https://www.JustOrganic.co.nz/

    And the closest market, a farmers' market with organic produce, is on Sunday mornings in the suburb of Opawa / St Martins: https://www.facebook.com/pages/OpawaSt-Martins-Farmers-Market/14793...

    Message me directly if you have more questions. 


  • Dear Carragh Mann, I recently read your comment regarding you feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of adopting a raw vegan diet and my wife and I have been raw for 7 years now and our preference is to keep it simple and eat fruit, preferably one type of fruit at a time. When one thinks about our evolutionary history in a tropical forest one could imagine encountering a tree with ripe fruit that would satisfy the hunger of those present. Consequently there is evidence to support the concept of mono eating; that our digestive system thrives on it due to our evolutionary past. So Carragh, eat one variety of fruit at a time is simple and doesn't entail any preparation nor any cleaning. Having said all of that when I make a salad (which is nearly every evening) I mix various species of plant (and I love the addition of mangoes in the summer!).

  • Hello fellow raw vegans of Christchurch; my name is Luke O'Reilly and apart from my interest in yoga, gardening, speaking French and BMX, I love to ski and I'm intending to come to New Zealand to experience skiing in powder snow for the first time in my life. I've become rather enthused at the prospect of skiing at Mount Hutt after seeing a good 'earlybird' package and because of its proximity to Christchurch where I'm hoping to source my raw food. I eat a lot of (preferably organic) bananas so can anyone tell me  if such are available in winter in Christchurch or failing that can any one tell me if the regular gassed variety are available; I presume that they are yet I will need someone to purchase a box prior to my arrival so that the bananas are ripe enough to consume when I get there. I'm sure that you as fellow raw vegans can understand my concern. Anyway thank you for accepting me into your group and I hope that at least one of you share one of my interests apart that is from diet...although of course diet is extremely important!

  • I hope you're all well.
    Our 2nd last organised RV potluck dinner for 2010 is this Sunday, 21 November, in the city, starting at 5:30pm; contact me if you want to know more about it. It should be good! :)
  • G'day Caragh :)
    It was good to see you a few weeks ago.
    How are you doing now with a raw food lifestyle for yourself and your family?
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