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I have finally uplifted "How to Build a Raised Bed Garden" onto where you can download it for free. It will be printed using, but they charge the same price for 24 to 40 pages and I did not need 40 pages to explain the details of making the raised beds (although I was surprised how much detail is required to document so someone who does not know how to do it can read the book and get enough information to do it on their own). Therefore, pages 24 to 38 are blank, and I am looking for collaborators to write on • gardening tools (what, where to buy, make your own, historic tools), • sun,wind and water control, • good bugs and bad bugs, • companion planting, • sequential planting, • isolation planting (what to put in a separate bed, like mint, to keep it from taking over), • compost bins & composting & bocashi, • topsoil (the art and science thereof), • growing plants from seeds, • seed-saving and heritage seeds, • fruit trees, pruning and grafting, • and canning. These are just the topics I thought up, where I am not an expert. I am sure there are more topics. I will appreciate getting a page or so on each, and colour photographs are great. The book will cost US$4.57 to print (plus shipping), and I intend to add no royalty to the cost... although Ooooby may want to add a royalty to raise some money... OK by me. Also the original forms are at the Ooooby store for anyone who wants to see them or borrow them. You can either send a private message, or put your contribution in a comment (hint... use a word processor first and then cut and paste it into the comment box).

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