How to Build a Raised Bed Garden is a 40 page book of which pages 24-38 are currently blank. Collaborators needed on aspects of gardening. This is where to do it.
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  • Thanks Marie. How is it going... six months later? Have you commissioned some raised bed forms yet? Claude

  • Kia ora Claude.  This is Marie.  I've spoken with you a few times regarding input and figure it's about time i did something about it.  So it's great to see you've put this onto OOOBY.  I meet you during a Permaculture Design Course on Waiheke a couple of (few?) years back, and am very keen to establish some raised garden beds over here on the Coromandel.  We have an abundance of clay, kaikuyia to battle, as well as the Ferrals (rabbits, pukeko, pheasants. quail and the occasional very naughty fence jumping sheep) as well as the usual elementals (wild winds, torrential rain, occasional drought) and of course our dear old foes slugs, snails, green shield beetles, passionfruit vine hoppers and the white butterflies!)  Your adaptated organoponico raised beds and Microclime fabric clearly are the way ahead!  Thanks for your commitment and input. 

  • Reading all the comments below, let me invite everyone to write a page or two and send them in. Pita? George?
  • Hi Tony, Sounds good. Do you use InDesign? If yes, I can email you the folder. Otherwise, take the free downloadable pdf and copy it into word and add what you will. The idea is to have a book that is a bit like a cookbook for raised bed growing. What ingredients, how to mix and make.
  • Could perhaps throw ina bit on recycle gardening, growing tomatoes upside downcheap and other quirky ideas if that appeals.
  • Done some web writing on gardening for an english webzine and also written articles for various magazines and colaboratedon a couple o books mostly on cryptozoology. Have my Certificate in freelance journalism so If I can be of any help just throw me a topic amount of words etc and Ill be happy to go for it.
  • At present I am travelling overseas, grabbing laptop time when I can, so will not be able to do much in terms of collaboration. If you want to propose a way to add to the book, perhaps working with Pita (below), that would be great.
  • What are your, persuasion points I think i preffer creative commons as suits publishing on web better, though intellectual ideas such as your mine and other might like to add additional forms of acknowledgement then it might be able to be hosted in an easier to access format and then more widely distributed and well ......that could be good
    any way will down load and try to read this week and get back to you then i suppose.
  • Not sure if I put it open source, or just public domain.
  • I can do a bit on bio intensive gardening on a community garden scale i have a plan i have been working on for how much one person can grow on a hectare yes i said one perrson on one hectare did i also say by hand !

    could cover sun wind water bit soil structure sequential planning, seed saving and growing from seed. i'd say 5 pages ad 2 -4 pages of diagrams and graphs are you open source ? GNU creative commons any of the above
    really appreciate the how to on raised beds been waiting for that for a while .
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Fill in the blanks

I have finally uplifted "How to Build a Raised Bed Garden" onto where you can download it for free. It will be printed using, but they charge the same price for 24 to 40 pages and I did not need 40 pages to explain the details of making the raised beds (although I was surprised how much detail is required to document so someone who does not know how to do it can read the book and get enough information to do it on their own).…

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