This year I have truly noticed a change in the weather patterns. I live in a coastal area and the fog banks this summer left me in a cold cloud for a couple of weeks. On several days the fog never burned off. With this happening it cemented the "Greenhouse" plan for the garden. Here are some creative ways to build Greenhouses and Cold Frames using re-purposed windows and doors, and a few other things tossed if for inspiration!
Please check out member Richard Morgan's Profile Page and take a look at the greenhouse he built!  Wonderful job!

Here's an odd one! Made out of car windshields! This might be a nice concept for a sauna, just what every hard working farmer/gardener needs after a day working the soil!

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I remember making my very first cold frame, trying to protect my marigold seeds I got out of a Wheaties cereal box! That was 43 years ago back in 1967. Mercy time flies when your a gardener! There's just something so sweet about a cold frame and the continual peeking in to see if anything is sprouting! They are multi-purpose and serve as good winter storage for tender wood cutting starts or just tossing in all those unused pots you won't need until next spring.

This cold frame is made from a recycled ceiling skylight. I've seen several of these now in gardens and they are really made to last! It's very easy to build your raised garden bed to the dimensions of the skylight. Cut down 4-2 X 4's with notches cut equally at heights for allowing air flow and plant growth. Wonderful for plants that prefer to keep their leaves dry.

There's so much you can do with old windows!

If you have a bunny problem recycled windows can also help to keep them out of your beds. Build a garedn bed fence with them.

This reminds me of a rabbit hutch turned cold frame. Wonderful for people who are tired of bending over.

Love these ideas. I am getting ready for winter here in Alaska and am starting a file of ideas for next spring.

Sandee, Save the pictures from the group that might help you in the future. Put your mouse over the picture and "right click" on it. On the box that appears it will say "Save picture as", click on that wording and your computer gizmo will appear to where you can put it in your computer files. I always create a file in my "Pictures" and give it a title so I can easily find it again. Your going to have fun this winter. Time to collect materials for your spring projects!
Hiya - I love gleaning what others consider junk and reusing, but with gardening how do you balance up the wish to recycle old material with concerns over what toxins may be in them, such as lead paint or treated timber? Any advice?
There's a lot of information on the internet to check-up on to find if something you wish to recycle into your yard is toxic. If your in doubt-Don't.
If your an apartment gardener and have limited yard space some of these might help you out. I have a problem with my indoor kitties, they love to try and munch on my plants. I have used old fish aquariums for my violets and seed starts with a purchased screened top.

Made from re-purposed furniture and some old windows.

This one was put together from old photograph frames.

If your limited with your same size windows, consider cutting them in half.

My other larger plants I place small bowls of Apple Cider Vinegar in each plant to keep my kitties off of them. If you have a problem with gnats (fruit flies) hatching out in your plants this will help to lure and rid them. It really works! It also helps if you water your plants from the bottom only. They can't lay their eggs in dry soil.
Another great idea especially if your working off the side of a building. Make sure you don't put these around trees that lose their limbs or in areas where adults are playing Bocce Ball!

Idea: Make something like this but on a much larger scale and inside build removable 4-legged tables for holding plants closer to the sunlight. After the plants expired just before winter use for holding garden supplies and summer lawn furniture.

We had been discussing building a greenhouse from recycled windows just as this article appeared in my Inbox! My husband works fitting-out 'Super Yachts" and yesterday came home with 4 thrown-out plywood frames that will be perfect for the side walls. Can't wait to get this functional - we plan to use plastic on the walls and maybe shade-cloth on the roof. My windowsills are covered with seed trays and I need them to go outside :-D
Wow! Lucky you! If it can go on a sea worthy vessel it can surly have a life in the garden! I have a great idea for you on the "Shade Cloth" idea. Hang in there with me and I'll be posting it in the near future for you.
Now that's a teaser! I'll be interested to see what you post. We had the same thoughts about the grids that were thrown away. The engineers and designers changed the plan after these were made and painted, so they will look rather nice, I think :-) Will post photos when the project is complete.
We got the frame up on the weekend, and plan to get finished this coming weekend. I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say about shade-cloth Sheri :-)
Have added a couple of photos of my 'new' greenhouse on my photos page. Time to get planting!


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