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  • thinkin about building a garden totem pole seen these on google and ythinkone would look good in my garden so gonna give it a goif it turns out ok may put up some pics.
  • How to make a Rubber tyre flower pot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8yV8x-rMNM&feature=related

  • Its a wonder what having to go back on pain medication can do to your desire to keep up with anything. Gotten the withdrawals over and back to not using anything if I can help it. (mean ol' MonSter)

    Amy is doing well and is graduating to using a cane!

    Hope Wes is doing better with the warmer temps!

    Getting some straw bales this weekend and trying to make myself get back to posting on a regular basis! 

  • Hi Margaret and "Thank You" for inquiring about Wes. We've been hit with some late winter snow and very low temps, this late in the year snow event hasn't happened since 1963. Wes has been stuck in the house because of all the ice. We'll be glad when it's gone and we can get back to the pool for our morning swims. Wes loves the pool!

    Your a sweetheart for helping your cousin. I can understand how hard it is for her not being in her own home after what Wes went through in 15 days. It's important for her not to stress, let people help her where she needs help and to stay focused on rehab. 


  • Sherri, I hope Wes is continuing to make good progress. My cousin Amy gets out of the care facility that she is in on Sunday and will be coming home to our house until she can find an accessible apartment of her own. She is healing up nicely and I am delighted to say that she is using a walker.

  • The Lost Gardens Of Heligan

    Heligan, seat of the Tremayne family for more than 400 years, is one of the most mysterious estates in England. Take a bit of time and tour the beautiful gardens and check out their blog.





  • So glad to hear that Wes is battling his way forward.  Blessings from NZ
  • A funny for the day


    My Blackberrry is not working!



    Thanks for your contact and encouragement Margaret. Wes is doing well and continues to work hard with his physical therapy. He is making such wonderful progress and has been attempting to use his computer and reteaching himself Autocad. It's very difficult to also learn to use his left hand for everything. Still not much return of feeling or movement in his right hand and foot and he's been experiencing a lot of pain. Trying to keep range of motion is difficult when the brain function is no longer there.

    I'm starting to see signs of spring here and planning our first garden!

    God Bless all of you!

  • So busy lately that I have neglected to stop in! 

    Sheri, I love the picture of Wes being at home and resting. Sometimes the MonSter gives me vocabulary adventures also. So I understand trying to figure out what I am saying!

    Tell Wes I said "You Go!"

    I had my first pot luck dinner here tonight for the Transition group that I have started. I am very encouraged.

  • Sheri...Wow! Very interesting. Hope all is well with you and Wes and that you had a Happy Thanksgiving♥
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Newspaper and Cardboard Recycling

There are so many uses for newspaper and cardboard recycling in the garden that I've gotten to the point that I can't live without this stuff. My first yard was built using the 'Layering or Lasagna" method and the yard I'm dealing with now does have some pretty bad areas that were taken over by cinch grasses. Last year was "organic war".  I just snuffed it with layers and layers of cardboard.  

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What to do with ductwork...

My youngest son completed a college-course sheet metal program and was continually bringing "NEAT" stuff home to show us.  As scrap metal, it is too thin to have much weight or value.  Looking at this stuff, a plan began to foment and I told him to keep bringing it home and dedicated a shelf for it in my garage.The final result will be set up on our property in Mossyrock as "yard art/scarecrow" once I get some short posts stuck in the ground and some cylindrical "legs" attached and mounted on…

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It's fall here

So I am looking for ideas that I am going to make during the winter for the garden next spring.  I am planning two benches that are going to be for public areas (like the garden out front to encourage the passer by to linger)A hypertuffa trough and perhaps several will be high on the list so that I can plant my dryer plants and perhaps strawberries in. Any ideas? I haven't learned to post pictures from online sources but will look into that in the next few days.

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