Upcycled options for lining wooden planter boxes

I'm planning to set up some new wooden planter box gardens soon. I'm in an apartment so container gardening is my only option. Do you have any suggestions of what I could line my boxes with to prolong the life of the wood that's more environmentally friendly than black plastic bought from the garden store?

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  • Hi Emily, you could always buy approximately two feet of "pond liner" which comes in 20 foot widths. You'd buy a 2 foot "length" so as to have enough to overlap the wood floor of your planter box. Then cut it to the size needed to completely line your box, staple it in place with a heavy duty stapler and punch holes in the bottoms of the planter boxes through the liner for drainage.

    Pond liner is expensive, but it will last a lifetime and you needn't ever worry about "recycling" the stuff.
  • Are you buying soil/compost in plastic bags. l reuse these to line things with.
    • Yes I've done this before and found it pretty good, but also wondering if there are some other creative ideas floating around out there. Thanks!
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