What to do with ductwork...

My youngest son completed a college-course sheet metal program and was continually bringing "NEAT" stuff home to show us.  As scrap metal, it is too thin to have much weight or value.  Looking at this stuff, a plan began to foment and I told him to keep bringing it home and dedicated a shelf for it in my garage.

The final result will be set up on our property in Mossyrock as "yard art/scarecrow" once I get some short posts stuck in the ground and some cylindrical "legs" attached and mounted on those posts.  At the speed I work, it may be next spring.  I'm trying to keep this 100% "recycled" if possible.

Suggestions for names will be appreciated.  So far, I have come up with: Sir Duct, Sir Can Doo, Mister Can Man, Can Man Too, and Duct Can Doo.




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