We just got a lot of plants, mostly berry canes and lavenders, from the organic farm of a friend who is selling up. We had to dig them out, and many are close to bare root at the moment.

Since we aren't far enough advanced in the plan for our land to put them in permanent homes yet, what's the best way to overwinter them? Pot them up in planter bags?

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Sounds like the best idea i think
If they are large established plants I would also prune them, particularly the lavender, but also the berries as you could then stick the  berry canes in a pot as cuttings - even more plants for you
Yes, we cut the lavender back to about a third, and Min is going to try and distil some oil from the trimmings (some sources say you can get oil from leaves). Thanks for the idea about cuttings - hadn't thought of that.


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