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  • I would not worry about jerusalem artichokes turning into a rampant weed. The main reason it has a bad reputation is that it will grow from the smallest piece, this means if you put peelings on the compost heap then spread them around the garden, it will sprout up every where. The simple solution is do not throw it on the compost heap and you have no problem.

    They will slowly creep if they not dug up every year, but only very slowly. If you dig them up in the Autumn and want to completely eradicate them, just wait till the sprouts the following spring and dig them up. It is unlikely there will be any left to sprout the following spring.

    The problem with them in pots is that they are very tall and you will need a method of ensuring they do not blow/fall over constantly.

  • Has anyone tried to grow Jerusalem artichokes in potato planter bags? How many tubers can I fit into a bag? I have sort of run out of planting space and I don't want to plant them into my wildflowers meadow as they can potentially turn into rampant weed.

  • Oh OK,thanks Pete,my anti virus wouldn't let me open it anyway

  • Hi Richard.  The message was spam so has been deleted.  The member has also been suspended.  Sorry about the hassle.

  • I get an email and it says - A message from John Lastingbone to all members of Food Growing Q&A on Ooooby!
    Health coverage cheaper than my group plan at work! Check it out!

    i click on the link,arrive here and where is the posting??,i'm confused

  •  Can anyone tell me the easy way to clean cruched shell, my garden surounds are a mess and to dont know how to tidy it up for the winter?

  • yes for cooking it doesn't matter if they are not a 100% ripe but for us we leave ours till they turn a yellow colour and slightly soft

  • there are different varieties of gooseberries, some turn reddish, some do not. It does not matter if they are 100% ripe or not, all recipes usually call for the addition of sugar anyway. Gooseberry and elder flower fool is delicious

  • Thanks for the memories Josephal I fondly rember my grandfathers gooseberrys from back in Dunedin in the late 60s early 70s with that red tint on them when they were ripe for picking he regreted showing me the ripe ones after that but because I always beet him to that bush never left any for anyone else.

  • From my childhood, I remember gooseberries with great affection. When they get a slight red tinge and go a bit softer they are ok to eat. Green ones are super sour eaten raw! My grandmother would use them green and make gooseberry pies.

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Borer in persimmon tree

The top half of one of my persimmon trees snapped off over the weekend due to some evil little borer or similar that had been munching away inside. Any tips on how to save the rest of the tree (now rather small) and to make sure the other one next to it doesn't get attacked too? The trees are about three years old.

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Oxalis Garden Bed...

Ok, I have decided to try again with a garden bed that is filled with Oxalis. I have tried digging out the soil and filling with fresh compost a couple of times over the last few years but it comes back with a vengeance after periods of neglect. My main vege garden is raised no dig, but I want to work again with this garden because all the vege space is accounted for and I have some pumpkin/squash seedlings (self seeded through my compost), and more watermelon seedlings that I know what to do…

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