A group to share ideas and tips on how to incorporate water features and the wildlife they attract into the garden.
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  • I have a natural part-time pond on my section ie only when there's a lot of rain. There's watercress in it and some reeds - not sure if native or not and those larger frogs Southern Bell? On the edges are mahoe, kawakawa,. Keen to id the reeds and get rid of any that could be invasive.


  • Talk to your regional council about carp. they are considered a pest in NZ as when they escape or are put int he waterways they take other fish' food. I'm sure there are some great alternatives.


  • This group has few people, but seems to be very active.

    I know about fish, how to keep them happy, but I dont know what to use in NZ for eating. Shame.

    Let me know if something new arise.

    Also have a look to working bee Auckland group (the name may change to Permablitz.

  • Sharon I love your idea about the solar lighting will defininitely try that in my garden :)


  • No sorry I can't - I am a beginner to keeping fish so still learning..........
  • Hi, thanks for the answer.

    I want ANY edible fish to use in a urban aquaponic system. I believe that aquaponic is the most suitable urban water system to protect wildlife, slightly different that what is this group for, but the aquaponic group is more for international stuff... long story.

    There are 4 fishes for aquaponics in NZ: carpss, salmon and goldfish. All of them except goldfish need licence, but I dont think so that is necesary in case of just a waterbath with plants.


    In short, can you help me to find the fish I need???

  • Hi

    Do you know where I can buy carps?

    I am interested in Aquaponics really.

    What other local fishes are available?

  • Hello and welcome.  I am fairly new to water features and have just established a half barrel with four fish and some water plants and bog plants.  So far so good they seem to be thriving.  Would love to hear what other people are doing.
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