Restaurant expectation?

What are your expectations when you are going out for dinner and what is making you go to that place? What do you consider is the most important thing when you are looking at the menu? Would you like to have another kind of service (a tasting menu instead of entree, main and dessert)? what do you think about front of the house service?

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  • One of my most memorable restaurant experiences occured when my flat mate and I went out to eat late once night after finishing working as waitresses - we asked for crepe susettes and the owner showed us to the kitchen and left us to help ourselves.....
    Imagine if you could go to a restaurant and either select produce from the restaurant garden yourself or know that your menu selection would only be harvested once you had ordered
    If the kitchen was in the centre of the restaurant we could then watch as your food was prepared - perhaps with you involved as the chef prepared your 'one of' dinner.
    I used to work at a fish café where people would actually be prepared to wait for over an hour for a table - I think the queques would be much longer for a restaurant like this
    The beauty of something like this is that you can get the tv chef experience, with the opportunity to be involved in the artistic creation as well as be inspired to go home and try it as well
    I think it would not only appeal to all the people who appreciate fresh food but also to all the people jaded by 'same old, same old' menus.
    Lastly I believe this would have international appeal
    Is this anything like you have been envisioning Giulio?
    Cheers and fingers crossed Anja
    • Let me explain you some of my ideas:

      I have 3 main spots for my restaurant: the Garden, the Kitchen and the Dining room. Everything is going to come from the Garden. People can walk around and see how the food it is grown and get and idea of respect to nature: don't get more of what you can give back.
      To see the kitchen is a very important thing for me but I consider that it is a distraction, the people have to go to the restaurant and enjoy their food, keeping their senses on the table and the person next to them, I believe that if we have a kitchen in the middle of the dining room people will be looking at the cooks and not to their company. But I want to show the kitchen like part of the visit, after or before the meal people can go in and say hi, they will know how we work, the technique we use and our respect to food.
      The dining is going to be the main stage, where the costumers are going to feel like at home, the service staff has to be professional, people dedicated to be better everyday making the costumers happy. Cooks and Chefs can go out to the dinning to explain the food, talk to the costumer, and share the passion of cooking.
      What do you think?

  • Christy and I love food and we are always cooking something, but sometimes we think that is good to try out other peoples' creations. We know that the best flavors, aromas, colors, and textures are perfect when you cook with a fresh product or if it is an overseas product it has to have a quality specifications or history behind it. Simple as that.
    For example, a freshly picked capsicum, tomato, cucumber or salad have a great flavor on their own, and incredible texture, and vibrant colors. In several (most) restaurants these products are with the supplier for several days, then a few days in the restaurant and maybe a few more till the moment that you have it on the table. Animal fats are used in almost in every single dish and I can say in a big amount; there is no more real proportion of carb, prot, veggie and fat in food. When we order a tomato we want to taste tomato flavor, but when we get a tomato with salt, pepper, garlic oil, thyme, etc. it is not going to taste as a tomato anymore.
    We need to tell restaurants that we want more healthy food than just kill the hunger.
    Which restaurant, do you believe to fill your expectations, would you recommend?
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