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It is cooking time!!!
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  • What temp. do you bake the Bri Giulio?  I have a wood stove so is a bit harder to have consistent temp.  Can you cut the block of cheese?  Your photos are beaut, would almost hate to eat those meals!

  • they look like tongues, but actually they are the gonads. a delicacy for many people, I love them and their taste is very unique

  • that looks oddly like a tongue Guilio!

  • Blue warehou poached in lemon verbena and Kina


  • Cassava root cheese bread and puffed pork skins
    Home made whole wheat bread
    Asparagus with goat cheese, almonds, blood sorrel leaves and rocket flowers
    Cured salmon with pickled onions, radishes, orange segments, lemon balm and cornflowers
    Beetroot, red currants, strawberries, peas, cauliflower, coriander and brassica flowers
    Egg yolk 65°C, bealeys-beauty potatoes, chicken sauce and courgette ribbons
    Blue moki, snow peas and broad beans in brown butter, fennel salad, courgette flower
    Lamb and venison fuet with kale, carrots and artichoke chips
    Grissinis and toasts, baked Brie, cherries, hazelnuts and brown sugar
    Honey cake with vanilla yoghurt, rhubarb in lavender syrup and lavender ice cream






  • Lorraine, that is really delicious. Let me tell you that you have tried the real Umami, not many people know about this but it is so interesting and you can do a deeper research and create great meals full of Umami.
  • I had a wonderful feed, organic mushrooms given to me by a friend.

    Sauteed mushrooms in butter and browned them near the end I added spinach straight from the garden, wilted a bit and then served on crusty home made bread.. YUM simple but delicious

  • just a nice and fresh salad, balsamic vinaigrette.


  • Pretty and Yum - looks good - what are your plans for this - another one of your inspiring creations!!

    I just went out into the front yard and found all these rocket plants that grew where they had grown before - nice surprise

  • My forage salad... 


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