This is a group for the community gardeners of the Greater Christchurch area. Please use this site for sharing tips, resources, upcoming events, information and love in general. 

The Canterbury Community Gardens Association also hosts a website with a directory locating community gardens. If you are creating a new garden, or know of one that isn't listed, then please get in touch via the website. 

In time, this website will host more in-depth information resources relevant to community gardening and examples of how it is done well.

The Canterbury Community Gardens Association is a networking organisation for community gardens, promoting the growth of new and existing initiatives.

Garden City 2.0 is a capacity building project led by the CCGA - follow on Facebook

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  • great work Bailey as always

  • beautiful website btw :)

  • I'd love to come along and find out more, but I'll be at work :(

  • Canterbury Community Gardens Association AGM is on Tuesday 28 August, 2-4pm at New Brighton Community Gardens. 

    Guest speakers include Richard Till and Jade Temepara (Hand Over a Hundy). Findings from the first stage of Garden City 2.0 will also be presented. 

    Free seeds to be given away and there are lots of exciting opportunities to contribute to the recovery process through the CCGA.

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