Not on the Label - What Really goes into the Food on your Plate

Author - Felicity Lawrence

This book was not so much about the food itself but the corrupt practices which go on behind the scenes. The politics which determine our what foods are offered. It was refreshing to read a UK based book. But scarey because we often think with American "only in America" and this book is much closer to home.

I thought I was pretty well read about the food practices in the food industry but there were lots of new revelations in this book. 

Shame though now I can't enjoy prawns, anyone know of any locally sourced prawns?

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  • I found this book really interesting and increased my desire to eat as much natural food as possible. However the chapters on fruit and veges showed that even they could be contaminated. Farmers markets are a good alternative to supermarkets if they are nearby and fortunately they seem to be increasing in number around the world.
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