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  • On Food and Cooking

    A great book, not only for cooks, is for everyone who wants to know all the details and incredible reactions of our food when we are cooking them.2170544474?profile=original

  • I love the Queen of the Sun movie.  

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The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith

I really wanted to read this book to see how an ex vegan of 20 years now eating meat could justify that it was also good for the planet to eat meat. It was really interesting and most surprising read. But what I really got out of the book was well written arguments which dispelled many myths we have in society about food nutrition. The sustainable arguments about the way our current style of  agriculture have and are damaging the planet are thought provoking. It helped my decision to reduce…

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Not on the Label - What Really goes into the Food on your Plate

Author - Felicity Lawrence This book was not so much about the food itself but the corrupt practices which go on behind the scenes. The politics which determine our what foods are offered. It was refreshing to read a UK based book. But scarey because we often think with American "only in America" and this book is much closer to home. I thought I was pretty well read about the food practices in the food industry but there were lots of new revelations in this book.  Shame though now I can't enjoy…

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What's Mine is Yours- How Collaborative Consumption is changing the way we live.

Authors are Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers.  Looks at consumption in a positive way. You can never stop people desiring or wanting new things but you can make better for the world. I loved the idea about not owning a car and being able to rent someones under-used car and choosing the car that suits your day, maybe a ute for gardening supplies a people mover for picking up friends from the airport. There are so many good ideas in this book and lots of good business ideas too.

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