The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith

I really wanted to read this book to see how an ex vegan of 20 years now eating meat could justify that it was also good for the planet to eat meat. It was really interesting and most surprising read. But what I really got out of the book was well written arguments which dispelled many myths we have in society about food nutrition.

The sustainable arguments about the way our current style of  agriculture have and are damaging the planet are thought provoking. It helped my decision to reduce further my reliance on grains in my diet.

I definitely recommend this book and would love some feedback on what others think.

Available from the library and also peak moments on you tube also has an interview with the author.

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  • I am the opposite to you, Lisa. I am increasing my consumption of whole grains with the addition for fruits and vegetables. I agree that too much meat consumption is bad for the planet and dairying is bad for our environment in NZ as well as for our health.
    It is a while since I read excerpts of her book but I thought after seeing an interview with her that she was criticising the vegan diet because of her experience which was not a typical vegan diet. I think a vegan diet is healthy and easy to follow. Years ago when I was first trying to be vegan I found it confusing working out how to have a healthy diet with food combining mentioned etc. with the internet it is easy to get good advice and recipes.
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