Fruit cages

Does anyone have experience in building fruit cages. I don't mind sharing some of my fruit with birds, but I now live next ot a vineyard and the hundreds of birds strip everything. So, I'm looking at building a large walk-in netted cage to house a range of soft fruits. Desing ideas and practical tips would be most welcome. Thanks

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  • Hi Jude, I've managed to track the Heartwood Walnuts owners down and they're really happy to help you: can you call me at work (Hamilton) and I'll pass their contact details on?  My ph is (07) 834-1482. Kathryn


  • Hi Jude

    Saw an inspiring2170546916?profile=original fruit cage near Nelson at the NZ Tree Crops Assoc Conference 2012 (see pics).

    The owners said it was one of the best investments they'd made in their garden: not only does it do a much better job of keeping the birds out, it is quicker and easier to harvest the fruit. 

    It is attached to an existing shed: they have trained a grapevine along the shed wall.  Berry fruit etc 2170547157?profile=originalgrowing in the floor area.  The property was an ex-apple orchard, so they were able to recycle the posts from the orchard. 

    They'd used a small chicken wire to cover it.

    Hope this helps.

    • Thanks for that Kathryn, yes they're brilliant and I've had one before but didn't build it. I'm really keen to talk with people who have built one so I can get some practical tips. Do you think the people you visited near Nelson would be ok if you passed on their contact details to me, so I could talk with them?

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