Tell us all what you want or what you have to offer. eg. Lemons, seedlings etc. To respond to someones listing contact them directly via their page…
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  • Hi, just wondering if there is anyone in Hamilton who has a bantam they would like to sell? I am willing to pay $10. We are planning on hatching some eggs and already have one bantam, but want to hatch 1dz eggs and I think that might be too many for 1 bantam. Thanks in advance.

  • I'm looking for a reliable supply of early seed potatoes(NZ pref Waikato). Traditional white/ yellow potatoes.

    So far all the suggestion sent by some kind OOOby member have been unsuccessful.

    • Davd of Kaiwai does not accept emails from non pre- approved sources & I have no idea as to how else to contact him.
    • Local nurseries only get stocks in well after i need to start planting.
  • Is anyone growing Goumi, Atumn Olive or any of the the other Elaeagnus family and would be willing to let me take some cuttings? could swap for cape gooseberry seedlings :)

  • "My lovely water kefir grains have dissolved and I miss them! Does anyone have some to share please? I can swap it for used coffee grinds.

  • Anyone had any success in growing mushrooms? 

  • Like Cat Kelly , I'm also looking for some water kefir grains if anyone has some. I have little artichoke seedlings to swap or offer to anyone.
  • I want to make some water kefir but am struggling to find some water kefir starter grains.  Does anyone know of anyone who has spare to give away or where I can get/buy some? need the water ones not the milk ones.  I have aloe vera plants (the ones with the sharp spikes) I can swap or exhange for some kefir grains.

  • Hi All, does anyone have some black walnuts to spare?  

  • Free workshop - building a low cost shade house


     Grandview Community Garden this Saturday Nov 17th, 9am to 5pm:


     All welcome- bring tools if you have them.


    Park on Grandview Road and enter through the gate opposite 183 Grandview Rd. (look for the banner ) Bus route number 8 (Frankton)


    Get in touch if you have any questions: Tim ph 021 2243109 WIC Community Garden Mentor

  • WIC is running a free kumara growing workshop tomorrow, Saturday 27 October, 2-3:30 pm in the Nawton/Grandview area.  Everyon is welcome.  Click here for more info. 

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Fruit cages

Does anyone have experience in building fruit cages. I don't mind sharing some of my fruit with birds, but I now live next ot a vineyard and the hundreds of birds strip everything. So, I'm looking at building a large walk-in netted cage to house a range of soft fruits. Desing ideas and practical tips would be most welcome. Thanks

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Raspberry canes anyone?

My raspberries were fabulous last year but  are popping up new suckers in places they shouldn't this year.  If anyone is interested and willing to come around and dig  up  the suckers , they are welcome to them. They take 2 - 3 years to really start producing but last year we got close to a pudding bowl a night for a month or so... absolutely magic and they conveniently had their last crop on Christmas day and were finished just in time for us to go on holiday!  They have had very little…

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starting new vege beds

Sorry added this as comment b4 didn't know there was a special discussion spot.  I am just starting up a new vege patch and have noticed my neighbours have haylage they are not using.  Do you think this would be ok to add in to my new plots perhaps at the bottom with some fertiliser then soil and compost.

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